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There are classic cars, but there are also sports classic cars. Over the years, Millers Oils has developed a wide range of premium oils specifically formulated to enhance the performance of classic sports cars. Our Classic Sport range uses the latest advances in lubricant technology, including semi-synthetic and fully synthetic technology. Classic Sport oils offer much better performance than mineral based oils, while maintaining, meeting and exceeding all specifications established at the time of vehicle manufacture, such as ZDDP levels etc. These oils can be used in vehicles manufactured from the early 1930s. of the 20th century, and seamlessly combine the absolute latest technology with the necessary requirements of older engines. You can't make a better choice to keep your classic sports car in shape for a long time.

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This premium product is the world's premier fully synthetic SAE 20w50 multigrade engine oil. It was created especially for racing and rallying classic cars. Contains unique Nanodrive TM nanoparticles

A product with exceptional parameters that provides excellent protection at high temperatures and under heavy loads, e.g. during racing. 20w60 semi-synthetic multigrade engine oil. Complete ZDDP (zinc / phosphorus) package for maximum protection.

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With improved performance-enhancing additives and a viscosity index providing high shear resistance, Classic Sport 20w50 is a premium SAE 20w50, semi-synthetic, multigrade oil. The high content of synthetic base oils provides much greater protection in extremely difficult conditions. Complete ZDDP (zinc / phosphorus) package for maximum protection.

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SAE 30 oil for the running-in of vintage and classic car engines. Developed for the first start of rebuilt engines. May be used for dyno break-in. Its use optimizes performance and fuel consumption.