Brown leather and chamois leather gloves

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  • 23 - XL
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Gloves made of the best quality leather, produced in Poland. They are perfect for a vintage car, they can be used every day for driving, because the steering wheel is better grip, and in the case of people traveling a lot, they provide comfort and no blisters. To choose the right size of gloves, it is enough to measure the circumference of the hand at the height of the ankles, the result in centimeters is the size of the gloves we should choose. In the case of a measurement of e.g. 21.3 cm, we round down, i.e. we choose the size 21, if the measurement is 21.5 cm and more, we round up and choose the size 22. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us at the number: 694 613 603


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