Millers Assembly oil for engine assembly

Millers Assembly oil for engine assembly

Oil for assembling engines and gearboxes. Protects components on initial start-up, mixes with the target oil.

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Folding oil intended for use by professional companies dealing in the construction of high-performance engines. Based on solvent refined oil, it contains a large number of additives to protect engine components against wear. It provides any performance engine or gearbox with extra lubrication, which is so important when starting it for the first time.


Use when assembling mechanical parts of engines, gearbox in order to ensure their maximum protection during the first start-up.


provides maximum protection of the mechanical parts of the assembled engine during the first start-up

applied to the part, it remains on it throughout the entire period of engine assembly (does not run off), protects especially parts that are very exposed to high loads, e.g. camshafts, crankshaft bearings, etc.

Unlike many engine assembly lubricants, Assembly Lube is compatible with all types of engine oil, so there's no need to change the oil as soon as you start your new engine.


Specific Gravity @ 15C 0.904

Kinematic viscosity at 40 C 450 cSt


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