Millers Oils Classic Running in Oil 30 5L

SAE 30 oil for the running-in of vintage and classic car engines. Developed for the first start of rebuilt engines. May be used for dyno break-in. Its use optimizes performance and fuel consumption.

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Use when starting the engine for the first time after repair. Developed with road break-in in mind, it can also be used during the dyno break-in. Highest torque engine operation provides the best running-in of the rings. After running in, change the oil to the appropriate Millers Oils Classic product. Note: Do not use high-quality engine oils until the break-in process is complete.

BENEFITS:? high-quality mineral oil designed to solve engine under-running problems? provides full protection of heavily loaded valves and associated parts, while allowing the rings to align? after 800 km, change the oil to Millers Oils Classic? good engine running-in optimizes performance and fuel consumption

CHARACTERISTICS: Developed at the level of API SE / CC standard. Oil change after up to 800 km of road conditions. After a properly conducted running-in process,? Leakdown? should be 4%. SAE viscosity grade: 30 Specific gravity at 150C: 0.887 Kinematic viscosity at 1000C: 11.9 cSt Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C: 104 cSt Viscosity index 103 Pour point: -150C Flash point: 2200C

7932 - 5l

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