Additive Millers Classic Mineral 2T 1L

SAE 40 mineral oil for two-stroke engines. Solvent refined base oil and high content of low ash additives EP SAE 140 gearbox containing a set of selected additives. Designed for gearboxes and differentials requiring EP oil, it lowers friction and reduces noise.

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APPLICATION: Mix with gasoline in the dose recommended by the engine manufacturer? 50: 1 maximum. SAE 40 is ideal for vintage two-stroke engines. Fits outboards that do not require ashless oil.

BENEFITS:? low ash content? reduces deceleration of the accelerator pedal? blue color for easier identification of mixed gasoline

CHARACTERISTICS: API CEC, TC SAE viscosity grade: 40 Specific gravity at 150C: 0.892 Kinematic viscosity at 1000C: 13.8 cSt Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C: 141 cSt Viscosity index 93 Pour point: -180C Flash point: 2300C Color: blue


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