Millers Oils XF Longlife 12 FE 0w30 5L

High-quality, fully synthetic MID SAPS engine oil for the latest gasoline and diesel cars, especially developed for BMW engines requiring an oil standard: BMW Longlife 12FE

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XF LONGLIFE 12 FE 0w30 is a fully synthetic, technologically advanced, MID SAPS type engine oil for the latest engines. Developed to meet and ensure the highest performance in accordance with the manufacturer's (OEM) standard. This is made possible by improved engine cleaning properties, oil life, reduced friction, higher anti-wear properties, and also lower fuel consumption.

XF LONGLIFE 12 FE 0w30 is recommended for the latest diesel engines requiring 0w30 oil. XF LONGLIFE 12 FE 0w30 is fully compatible with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and gasoline (GPF) engines, as well as with catalytic converters, in accordance with the latest emission standards.


The synthetic technology used in this oil ensures excellent fluidity of the oil at low temperatures, down to -350C, which means quick protection of key engine components? the engine wears out most when starting.

XF LONGLIFE 12 FE 0w30 offers exceptional oil viscosity stability at high temperatures and harsh operating conditions? for increased protection and extended engine life.

Increased protection due to a stronger oil film between the metal parts, which reduces friction and wear. The oil maintains its parameters throughout the oil change interval as recommended by the manufacturer (OEM).

The reduced viscosity means lower fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions, which is also supported by the optimal level of detergents and dispersants. This keeps the engine clean (no sludge) which improves combustion and maintains an efficient exhaust gas cleaning system.

The ACEA C2 MID SAPS specification with a maximum sulphated ash level of 0.8% is close to the ACEA C3 specification, but thanks to the lower HTHS (minimum 2.9 mPas) it provides lower fuel consumption

Fiat 9.55535-GS1, Fiat 9.55535-DS1
PSA B71 2312

SAE viscosity grade:? 0W30
Specific Gravity at 15 C: ≤ 0.844
Kinematic viscosity at 100 ° C: ± 9.8 cSt
Kinematic viscosity at 40 C: -52.7 cSt
Viscosity Index:? 175
Temperature of solidification:? -42 C
Flash point:?> 200 C
Cold viscosity at -35 C 6 5332 cP


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