Millers CRO 10w40 Oil 5L Engine Break-In Oil

Performance Engine Break-In Oil. Rally and racing engines absolutely MUST NOT be run-in with synthetic oils. Perfect oil for running in of all parts.

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High-performance engine break-in oil on a dynamometer (up to 5h). The highest quality mineral base oil, strengthened with low volatility and other additives. This mineral oil with a viscosity of 10w40 has been carefully formulated to provide exceptionally high protection of new engine parts and shorten the engine break-in process.


For use without any additives in new (overhauled), modified gasoline and diesel engines, in the dyno break-in process.

It can also be used for the smooth running-in of the engine in road traffic, up to a maximum of 800 km.


was created to meet the requirements of professional mechanical workshops building high-performance engines

increases target power resulting in better stacking engine

provides maximum protection of heavily trimmed components ensuring optimal alignment of rings and sleeves

The additives used in the CRO 10w40 allow for a short, high engine load

the selected viscosity ensures that (despite the use of a very large amount of additives protecting against wear) the rings will reach the limit level of lubrication during running-in


maximum working time: 5h on the dynamometer / 800km on the road

optimal operating temperature of the oil: 85? 115 C

excellent cylinder tightness test (4%) after dyno break-in


SAE 10w40 viscosity

Specific Gravity @ 15 ° C 0.871

Kinematic viscosity at 100 ° C 13.6cSt

Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C 89.8 cSt

Viscosity Index 154

Freezing point C <-25

Flash point C> 200

Cold Viscosity @ -25 C 7,000cP Maximum

7981 - 5l

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