Brantz International 2 PRO (BR6) Halda Drogomierz

Brantz International 2 PRO (BR6) Halda Drogomierz

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Product name: International 2 PRO

Product code: BR6

Introduction: The International 2 PRO is probably the most popular rally odometer. Suitable for all kinds of rallies.


  • Dual Display (Red LEDs ~ 15mm high)

  • total distance

  • segment distance

  • easy calibration using the dial on the front of the odometer

  • total distance traveled maximum

999.9 (accuracy 000.0 or 00.00)

  • up to a maximum of 99.99 segment lengths

  • calibration in kilometers and miles

  • element remotely resetting the line segment (BR44)? Included

  • The buttons for Reset, Rewind, Reverse, and Stop are located on the front of the odometer. Additionally, a knob for manually increasing or decreasing the total distance covered.


  • 12V power supply required

  • Dimensions: 100mm x 120mm (140mm with frame) x 45mm (Height x Width x Depth)

  • Weight: 496g (with wiring)

  • Cable length:

-Power supply ~ 1.2M

- Sensor Cable ~ 1.9M

- remote button cable ~ 1.8M

Required additions:

  • BRANTZ sensors

  • Fuses (BRFUSE)

Optional extras:

  • driver display for INTERNATIONAL (BR61) odometer -required INTERNATIONAL 2-DD Pro (BR6-DD)

  • Plug set (BR43)

  • Dual sensor (BR49)

  • Average speed table (BR19)

  • signal amplifier (BR52)

  • sensor cable extension (BR2X)

  • Rally Stopwatch (BR32 +) + Driver Display (BR321)

  • Voltage stabilizer (BR21) ? Required for 6V installations

  • International Sun / Night Visor (BRSS7)

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